Haunted Places in Gujarat to Scare You

Haunted Places in Gujarat to Scare You

Haunted Places in Gujarat: Are you that offbeat traveler, who is not looking for any touristy places, a great culinary treat, a romantic getaway or a fun family picnic, but instead looking to have some out-of-the-world experiences? If spooky and haunted places are something that interests the daredevil within you, these places in Gujarat should definitely be on your bucket list.
Most ghost stories are almost always folklore, but why not experience them yourselves and see if there is any truth in these tales. But beware, you have been warned! Read on to find out about some of the eerie and haunted places in Gujarat.

Dumas Beach, Surat

Ranked as one of the topmost haunted places in India, Dumas beach is definitely not a place to visit for the faint-hearted. It is a city beach, located about 21km southwest from the bustling city of Surat, and is frequented by college students and thrill enthusiasts alike. The beach is famous for mainly two things. One – the smooth black sand and the clear beach waters and two – it's mysterious past. Local town folk believes that this beach is the site of ancient Hindu cremation ground, and is haunted by ghosts. They even believe that the black color of the sand is because of the ash (from the cremation) mixing with the sand. They believe that these ghosts, who have some unfulfilled mortal wishes, haunt this beach and terrorize the people who visit this beach. Many visitors have reported seeing some mysterious things and hearing giggles and peals of laughter. It is strictly forbidden to visit this beach after dark since many have such visitors have reportedly disappeared without a trace. *Goosebumps!!!*

GTU Campus, Ahmedabad

Gujarat Technological University is one of the biggest and most prestigious universities in Gujarat and is located in Ahmedabad. Although it is not an isolated or deserted place by any chance, the GTU campus in Ahmedabad is still believed to be haunted. University employees, students, and locals believe that the campus is haunted by the spirit of a woman who makes her presence felt, ever so often on a busy campus.

There have been reports of a person traveling in a lift, and sensing the presence of a woman in the lift. Many students and employees have reported that doors open and close by themselves and furniture are often thrown around by “noone”. It is believed that the ghost of the woman is responsible for all of this, although no one knows who she was. *Shudders!!!*

Bagodara, Ahmedabad – Rajkot Road

Bagodara is a small town on the NH-8A that connects Ahmedabad and Rajkot. The incidence of mishaps and accidents on this stretch is so high that people believe these are because of some paranormal activities. Most mishaps are believed to occur because the drivers of the vehicles doze off on the stretch between Bagodara and Limdi. But locals think it is not so simple. They believe that this stretch of the road is haunted by the restless ghost of a woman who diverts the attention of the drivers and this leads to the accidents. Many drivers claim that here, everyone becomes silent as if sensing an eerie presence. Some night-time drivers have also spotted women or beggars on the street at night, who vanish when the car gets close. Something just doesn’t add up here. Definitely eerie, if you ask me!

Signature Farm, near Ahmedabad

There is a place called Signature Farms near Ahmedabad. It is believed to be a very haunted place, more so because of lack of any human presence or housing or mobile signal in the vicinity. This farm is a very scary place to visit, even during the day-time. There are lots of sculptures and statues, which are broken, some of them look like they have been cut in half. Statues of horses and even a statue of Buddha look like they have been vertically cut through the middle. Many adventurous souls venture near this place at night. During the night, some people have heard a sound as if horses are running towards them. This place is believed to have seen a mass massacre and the massacred villagers are believed to roam the area at night. Really, really scary!!

Avadh Palace, Rajkot

Avadh Palace is a large mansion, located in Rajkot and is believed to be owned by an NRI, although no one is really sure. It is unoccupied and locals do not venture anywhere close to it. Local people believe that a girl was raped by a group of men, murdered and then burnt in this building. Her ghost is believed to haunt this huge mansion. No one dares to visit this place at night, be it alone or with the company. So horrifying and frightening!

Uparkot Fort, Junagadh

If you are in Junagadh, you cannot miss the Uparkot fort. It is located on a plateau, right in the middle of the town and it attracts a lot of visitors. There are several areas of interest in the Uparkot fort – the Hanuman temple, the Buddhist caves, Adi-Kadi Vav, Baba Pyara Caves. Navghan Kuvo and Jama Masjid. The Jama Masjid is believed to be built on the site of an ancient Hindu temple. The area around this Masjid is believed to be haunted. Locals do no visit here after sundown. Sounds very mysterious, doesn’t it?

7. Sindhrot, Vadodara

Sindhrot is a tiny hamlet near Vadodara. The dam near Sindhrot is a famous evening spot for the youth because of the peace and amazing breeze. This place is, however, believed to be haunted. There have been sightings of a girl wearing a traditional Indian salwar-kameez-dupatta with a half-built face. She is heard asking people to go back, and not enter the village with girls. *Gulps!!!*

These are just a few places in Gujarat which are believed to be haunted. There are many such places that locals believe to be haunted, but no concrete information is available about them. Some of these are folklore, some are personal sightings and experiences. If you are a brave-heart and are craving some adventure, you may try to explore these places and share your experiences. They may help you get closure, or give some great stories to tell your friends and family! But these adventures are definitely not for the fainthearted. Beware!

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