Top Gujarati Folk Singer Ever!

Top Gujarati Folk Singer Ever!

Introduction Gujarati Folk Singer: When we came to hear the great singing by two singers from Gujarat Nikita and Vijal and came to know their stories influenced by the music from the State it triggered our interest to do some digging into the Gujarati Pop music. More to it we wanted to see the chances of young singers from this region and what it takes to be successful locally and then nationally.

Our survey includes hours of listening to most popular singers and our picks are based on their web presence or comments else were about these singers and their career in music. There is very little or no information on most of the singers. Their music and popularity on YouTube play is the most important aspect in deciding these singers.

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Here is the list of singers what we found the most interesting from this region extremely popular and reap success in music videos. The catchy drum beats from the state remained the heart of many songs we heard. It is the heartbeat of the land. Female singers excel in their subject selection and presentation for a wider audience in mind. The use of traditional Dhandiya style singing as the base and the beat of the drums which always have the magic to convey a range of emotions starting from upbeat moods to sadness is typical but there are groups that bring variations to this very effectively and that seems like the trick to get the critical acclaim.

Chogada, this Bollywood song is the very evidence of the Gujarati folk music in India’s music industry. Give a listen for sure, sure it will get you out of your seats.

Before going into modern times, it will be a crime not to write a few lines about the history of Dandiya and Garba dances and the associated music. The state’s royal families historically were big proponents of good music. Although Ustad Faiaz khan was from Delhi and Agra Gharana, he was honored and lived in Baroda king’s court; as a court musician of the Maharaja of Baroda.

The drumbeat of Garba and Dhandia music is like the heartbeat in your chest. The heart beats fast when something good happens as well as something bad happens. The emotions that run are definitely not the same. The use of props like dhol (drums) and the click of dandiya (sticks), Diya (small lights) are such beautiful symbolic representations coming from so profoundly thoughtful use of props for various expressions of music from nature. The beauty of this form of dance and the music is so universal, anybody can relate to this, no matter you understand the deep rooting of human nature to express through various art forms.

The count down here is from old school singers to most recent popular singers. In popularity, some of the young musicians outnumber the old school guys; to show the respect for established singers, who may not have an agenda like tech-savvy young singers, we are starting with an old school singer as the first pick. He is

Sanjay Oza

A playback singer by profession who is known for his soulful singing and nationally known with his huge success in the music industry of Gujarat. Born in a musically inclined family to a famous mother, Shrimathi Uma Oza, who was an accomplished Hindustani classical vocalist of her period. Sanjay emerged into the music filed through Gujarati playback singing big time supported by his proponent Gaurang Vyas (music director). He kept his leading role by being very open to accepting the changes in the music industry. He has a Facebook presence and recent concentration on Gujrati light music made his relevance still in this field a very strong one.

Here we add one representative song that shows his singing characteristics. He is placed at position number last. His heart is in the unmatched beauty of the traditional styles of folk and one hundred percent Gujarati at his heart. Enjoy this. One gets to see all the props and dance and more important traditional music instrument Harmonium used in this video. Play it for sure.

Parth Chaudhary

Parth Chaudhary is here for reasons that he occupies a very different niche in competition to other young Gujrati singers on YouTube; few characteristics are his simplicity in singing style and use of strong symbolism in his music videos. His Goma Nu Dil is a chartbuster in local Gujarati music scene took him to our pick on the top list here.

Geeta Rabari

Now the top four countdowns. Personally, Geetaben Rabari is our favorite here; but as we said we are counting the numbers. Yet Geeta with her powerful voice and the folk touch voice we think is poised to make it big nationally elsewhere. Again once more our favorite pick, with an “A” grade for her powerful voice and beautiful folk touch, she is definitely is a singer that brings the heart of the land. In this modern age, singers like her are hard to come by. The beautiful tone of her high pitched voice, with all that power, is addictive to listen to. One may find the recent news and YouTube video in which on Geeta’s stage performance someone showering her with money out of respect for her singing. Here listen to this sensational folk singer from Gujarat and witness the magic of her music. Huge respect for people who love good music.

Vijay Suvada

Vijay Suada takes this position here at third place for the voice quality of his singing. Among young singers here his voice stands out with such authority that we put him at this position. He is constantly listed as the top singer for TOIs Gujarati playback review write-ups. This is due to his huge success in singing some of the recent popular Gujrati movie songs. He is hugely popular as a singer whose voice fit the playback industries lead actors as well. His Lago Jabara of 2018 is here enjoy.

Jignesh Kaviraj

Jignesh is our topmost pick among male folks from the most successful playback singers from Gujarat music industry. Jignesh coming from a music background with his dad being a singer too (bhajans). Jignesh’s voice with a great texture and folk touch is what makes him outstanding from the rest of the crowd. His 2018 success is here.

Kinjal Dave Second To None

Kinjal Dave is interviewed by TOI correspondent for the right reasons from a vast number of young Gujarati singers. Her presence on the National scene and her popularity elsewhere is unmistakable. Apart from Geeta who also promote the Gujarati folk, Kinjal is at the other spectrum of a singing career. She is modern, her footprint on the web makes it more easy for fans to know her up-close and personal. Predictions are she is the singer from Gujarat to look for in the coming years whose entry into the Bollywood scene is highly anticipated. She is absolutely the best.

Sachin and Jigar

Lastly Saibo music directors. If we go without mentioning these two musicians from Gujarat who made in Bollywood big time. Although there are a number other success songs to their credit we want to highlight Saibo a beautiful Gujarati song they made, the lyrics of this song is made in heaven (see below the Hindi version from the Hindi movie Shor in the city). Sachin and Jigger, despite their controversial and recent allegations these music duos are someone, came from the same set of background we been talking here and made it big in the national scene.

Aishwarya Majumdar

Few other places we found that Aishwarya is a top young sensation on Gujarati music scene. We are adding here this young singer with a clear agenda on her success. Although among the other singers she is not very folk touch singer representative. Yet we thought her web presence is obvious. Hear her song here.

Just want to add this movie song from far south in Tamil Nadu how the influence of Gujarat’s music is caught up over the years (see below a movie song). Definitely, the young musicians who realized the power of traditions and customs found ways to strew their modern influences and make their own interpretations of the music. Vijay and Nikita, we are so glad to have their interviews show how these youngsters despite they live elsewhere still excited and influenced by the traditions. Please go read their features here, Vijal Shah and Nikita Patel.

A warm wishes for a great relaxed weekend and singing on Smule. Thanks, friends for reading along. Great have you all folks here.

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