Gujarat Top Picnic Spot to Visit

Gujarat Top Picnic Spot to Visit

Gujarat Top Picnic Spot: One of the largest states in India, Gujarat is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. The enchanting scenic beauty, historical monuments, remnants of ancient civilizations, and picturesque beaches cast a spell that is hard to break. It is also one of the only places to have a glimpse of Asiatic lions, free from captivity and in their natural habitat, at Gir National Park. Apart from that traveler visiting Gujarat also get to enjoy the unique folk dances and absolutely lip-smacking dishes of the state, famed the world all over. There are several great places to visit in Gujarat, all of which are steeped in a certain charm and history.

The best time to visit Gujarat is from June to March when the weather is pleasanter as compared to the summers when humidity rules the roost in the state. It is very well connected to all major cities and towns of the country, as well as to other parts of the world through a couple of international airports.

Take a look at what places you shouldn’t give a miss when in the resplendent state of Gujarat and surprise your friends and family with an amazing tour of this extraordinary land!

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