Geeta Rabari Bio, Age, Family, Affair, Wiki & More

Geeta Rabari Bio, Age, Family, Affair, Wiki & More

Geeta Rabari Biography: Geeta Rabari (1992) can be a lead-in to the (Gitaben Rabari, Gitu, Kutchi Koyal). is the most famous folk singer of Gujarat and especially in Kutch. Geeta Rabari from Tappar village of Anjar Takuka of Kutch, Gujarat. She started singing when she was in 5th standers. She did not get the education of music till the age of 21 and she is now recognized all over Gujarat. Even after this, she does not leave her village and also stays with her parents in the village. She is the only child of her parents.

She had done many live programs such as Geeta Bhajan, Folklore, Santvaani, Dayra. She has sung only two songs, Rona Sherma Re and Eklo Rabari. Both songs have become quite famous. Rona Sherma Re was uploaded in youtube and get 195 million views. She always wore traditional cloths of Rabari Maldhari Samaj in her all the program. She also did many live programs in India and also in other countries. She is also known as Kutchi Koyal.

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The early life of Geeta Rabari 

Geeta Rabari especially forms Maldhari Samaj and also known as Rabari Samaj. She started singing when she was in 5th class. She sang Bhajan and Balgeet in School time. Also, she sang Garba in Navratri in her village when her teacher was tired. After quite famous in her village, she went surrounding village to sing Garba in Navratri. In some interview, she said that her father is paralyzed and her mother is the Homemaker. She also said that she was married at an early age. She becomes most famous when she launched her song Rona Sherma Re. She said that this is her life-changing a song. Recently she did stage program at Madhapar on 24th November 2018 for collecting funds for cattle's grass feeding and also can collect 1.05 Cr funds at this program.

She was in 5th grade when Gita started singing. The villagers often call her to sing because they find her voice very pleasing. Initially, she made some money by singing hymns, folklore, santavani and daira, but by the age of 20, she had established herself as a well-known singer.

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Geeta started to sing this Gujarati song with Rona Ser Ma. "Then, the song was sung by eklo Rabari. Both songs were selected by the audience.
Geeta Ben Rabari is a well known Gujarati singer. He came into the spotlight by singing in the Gujarati song "Rona Ser". receive financial aid. my identity has been gradually growing, now we have a great program with well-known artists in my mouth to say that I thought Geeta India is happy since my singing. I had two brothers, who died from famine. I have only studied up to tenth, but now I am concentrating on singing
in Gujarati songs, it is a Garba album. Then, He gave his voice for songs like Desi dhol vage, masti ma mastani.


Real Name: Geeta Rabari

Nickname: Geetu

Profession: Gujarati Folk singer

Personal Life

Date of Birth: 31, December 1992

Age: 25 Years and (26 years running)

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Birthplace: Kutchchh, India

Nationality: Inadian

Home-Town: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Marital Status: Unmarried

Religion: Hinduism

Education : N / A

School Name: N / A

College Name: JNV Jamnagar

Singing Education: N / A

Primary Education: N / A

Debut By Album: Gujarati Lok Dayro

Debut By Song: Rona Ser Ma By Raghav Digital

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